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The role of news networks on social networking site Facebook in the formation of young university trends towards political issues-Analytical field study

Researcher: Ahmed Mohammed Monir Ghamry


With the steady increase in the number of followers the social networking sites and news networks on these sites and with the attention of young universities following all the contents of the social networking site Facebook such as news either through the newspaper or electronics press pages or through the news networks on the site Which take the shape of news in dealing with events which makes its followers from all users of the site exceeds one million users per network,This may lead to influence young universities' political knowledge and trends towards various issues in the Egyptian society, especially after the revolutions of the twenty-fifth of January and the thirtieth of June.Based on the survey conducted by researcher to previous studies results.


in addition to the Exploratory Study The importance of this study were reflected through its direction towards studying the role of news networks on social networking site Facebook in the formation of young university trends towards political issues, The study also interested in research on the relationship between two of the elements of the Communication process " means " (news networks on social networking site Facebook)and "the audience" (young university) in study sample.


This study aims to know the the role of the news networks on social networking site Facebook in the formation of young university trends towards political issues By detection of the political issues addressed by the news networks, and determine the quality of political content, which offer news networks, and also detect the sources of which they receive news networks on social networking site Facebook on the article of news,And to identify the editorial templates used by news networks, and to identify the extent to which the political content of the news networks in the formation of young university trends toward political issues, and access to the extent of young university affected, including published news networks and the extent of their trust in these networks.

And the studyanswer questions such as:What Templates used in presenting news article in the news networks on the social networking site Facebook,What are the most important highlight of elements used in providing news article.

How to use news networks on Facebook to multimedia methods to spread the news site,What political content, which offer news networks and what are the trends this content, and the most important political issues addressed by the news networks and sources that it get them on the article of news,What is the quality of frameworks and reference frames used in news coverage of political issues on the news networks, and what are the reasons frameworks and frameworks solutions used in political issues on the news networks.

What is the rate of a young university exposed to social networking site Facebook and What is a young university patterns of deal with the site ,What are the motives of the use of the young university to the site, what the impact of the political content of the news networks on Facebook in the formation of the young university trends.This is a descriptive study because the descriptive studies are consistent in their objectives and characteristics of the curriculum used with the nature and objectives of Media Studies, and used this approach to study the survey, both descriptive and analytical because it is the most suitable appropriate scientific methods of descriptive studies in general.This study was divided into an analytical study and field study.

The community of the analytical study in a variety of news networks on the social networking site Facebook, which broadcasts many of the news in all fields, including political, which differ in political and intellectual orientations,The field study population in the youth of the Egyptian universities in various educational years, they represent a class of Egyptian society. In this category are numerous political and cultural trends and varied educational level, social and economic.The sample analytical study of the sample deliberate.

where the researcher to choose the respondents in a way intended or intentional, depending on what he saw as the attributes or qualities or characteristics are available for these units, Where three news networks choose according to the number of its followers who have an account on the social networking site Facebook Where The researchers was selected over three news networks have followers on the site and they are: Rassd News network, Egyptian News Network, Almogaz News Network. The sample of the field study is stratified sample which means that the sample includes respondents from classes or categories that make up the research community, here, the researcher chose the four universities to represent different regions of Egypt .

The Field study was conducted on a sample of 393 Quested from (Cairo University - Zagazig University - Suez Canal University - University of Beni Suef) of the students who have an active account on the social networking site Facebook, from various colleges and academic years.The study used content analysis tool where the researcher prepared a content analysis form to be able to analyze news content published on the news networks the study sample,The content analysis of these networks in the time period from March 1 until March 30, 2015, where the researcher collected all posts for each political issues in this period of time And that number has reached to the (1958) post onThe three networks It has been a screened to the (1130) post.

Related to the nine political issues were divided geographically into local issues (parliamentary elections, terrorism locally, demonstrations and political protests) and Arab issues (the Palestinian issue, the Yemeni crisis, the Syrian crisis) and international issues (international terrorism, crisis of Nahdha Dam, Iran's nuclear dossier) Where those issues are the most important and the most prominent and most addressed on the three news networks.In a field study, the researcher designed a questionnaire to measure exposure and motives of use among young university to Facebook rates,and also measures the extent of follow-up news networks and how to deal with what is published on it, And ask about the advantages and disadvantages of news networks pages on Facebook and its impact on the flow of information and the spread of the news.

the extent of the political content of the networks news influence in forming trends Young University about political issues through designing the scale for measuring the sample field study trends towards the outstanding political issues at the time of the analytical study Through the formulation of positive phrases pro other negative phrases opposition to those issues to determine the degree of acceptance or rejection of each of these statements through the use of a measure of three-point Likert to measure their trends towards the political issues,It has been conducting field study on a sample of the study in the period from the first of May to June 15 2015.

after the completion of the collection of data of the study, data were coded and entered into the computer, then processed, analyzed and extraction of statistical results using the "Statistical Package for Social Sciences, SPSS program.The study concluded a number of results, including: news networks dealt with local issues first and then followed by the Arab issues and international issues.

The more local issues are terrorism within Egypt, and more Arab issues addressed were the Yemeni crisis and more international issues were addressed terrorism internationally. Rassd network focused on postsabout Arab issues first and then followed by local and international while the Egyptian News Network published on local issues, and Arab and international network, we find that the Almogaz News Network was published on local issues and international and Arabic. More than half of the posts of the political issues that were on the news networks were unspecified source.

The main goal was objective news for political issues posts.The trend is mostly about political issues is a high percentage of neutral trend. The percentage of people using Facebook for more than three years (65.9%) of the study sample, while the intensity of Facebook use ratio was high, amounting to 60% of the sample. The three most important advantages of the pages of news networks on Facebook from the followers networksviewpoint of the study sample is: the ease of access and availability of information material, knowledge of the most important and the latest news, the constant flow of information.

The three most important disadvantages are: not sure of the identity of the service provider, focusing on some of the events and the neglect of other events, belonging to groups or political movements.It turned out that the role of the news networks on Facebook site varies with issues where it is despite the fact that the trend of respondents neutral towards all published political issues on the news networks the study sample With the exception of the issue of terrorism internationally the trend was positive, however, However.

when considering the issues we find high percentage of positive trend compared to the direction the negative in cases of (parliamentary elections, terrorism in Egypt, the Yemeni crisis, the Palestinian issue, Iran's nuclear dossier) in return for increased negative trend of the ratio of positive direction in the issues (the demonstrations and political protests, Syrian crisis, crisis of Nahdha Dam).

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